Some GREAT social networking apps for Windows 8

I'm seeing some fantastic momentum in the Windows 8 Marketplace - with some very compelling solutions coming out every day.

Two solutions that just came into the store are particularly interesting:


SocialRadar - This is a REALLY REALLY cool app that allows you to get a geographic view of all your connections in social networks. This will be VERY valuable at the upcoming Worldwide Partner Conference (and they have a booth there) – and we worked hard to make sure we had a version ready for the event (it is a DC-based startup and was built by a local development partner, InfernoRed).  Download it here:

  Speek - Make super simple, free and visual conference calls. Choose an easy-to-remember username for your calls, instead of fumbling for a traditional phone number and PIN. Download it here: 



If you're using Windows 8, these are MUST HAVE social networking solutions.  Both are free... go ahead and download and check them out.  If you like them, please let them know by rating the apps - to do so: run the app and then bring up the Win8 charms by swiping in from the right (or hovering your mouse cursor in the upper right), selecting "settings" and then selecting "rate and review."

Note, if you get an error while trying to rate it that states something like "you need to log in under the account that installed the app," do this:

  1. Close the app.
  2. Close the Windows Store app.
  3. Go to the desktop, get a command prompt and type “wsreset –s”
  4. The store app will come up.  Close it.
  5. Run the app and try to rate it again... should work.