US Imagine Cup: People's Choice - voting ends April 24 at midnight PST. Vote for your favorite Student application now!

For those who haven't heard of Imagine Cup - it's a Worldwide software development competition for students.  We're holding the US Finals in Washington DC this weekend - where the best of the best (the final 10) will be judged to determine the US winner.  Good luck to everyone!

There's also a "People's Choice" award for the solution that gets the most votes from the public... go ahead and check them out and log your vote here:

 You don't have much time left... only about 5 hours until midnight PST.

Also - we are hosting the Imagine Cup Community Showcase on Monday, April 26th at the Newseum in Washington, D.C..   Registration is still open, but almost full - it'll be an awesome event where you can see all of the student application entries and listen to Craig Mundie, who will be keynoting and announcing the winner.

 Registration for the Community Showcase is free - to do so, go here:

 See you all there on Monday!



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