US Public Sector Developer Web Site - Launched!

I'm extremely pleased to announce the launch of the US Public Sector Government Developer website! In my opinion, the timing couldn't be better as the need for information couldn't be greater. The focus on solution development in the Government sector is huge - particularly for applications that help realize the tenets of the Open Government Directive.

We developers in the Public Sector have the unique benefit of building solutions that can directly impact our nation at the highest levels (policy, defense, healthcare) as well as affect the lives of individuals (public safety, community outreach, disaster recovery). We are the enablers of initiatives such as Open Government - and success or failure is really in our hands. The realization of the importance of this work is what brought me to this arena almost a year ago - and each day I'm reminded, honored, and gratified by that responsibility.

My expectation (hope, really) is that the resources, information, and insight here will help developers, from all backgrounds, build better applications faster and more efficiently – and that these applications will truly advance the critical Public Sector initiatives, including Open Government, that are important to us all.

And speaking of that – we have the opportunity to have an impact *right now*… everyone is aware of the devastation in Haiti – and many of us are wondering what else we can do to help beyond just financial contributions. For those interested, there is an organization, CrisisCommons (, which is a network of international volunteers who develop applications that will help first responders and others manage disasters and crises around the world. They are currently working on a set of apps – and will be holding a series of “CrisisCamps” THIS WEEKEND to build and deliver these solutions at several locations, including Washington, D.C., Boston, New York, Miami, Denver, and more…

If you have the time and want to make a difference, please join the effort. Visit for more information.