[Case Study] Team Foundation Server for Java developers

The reality

· The world is not 100% using Microsoft technologies (and I regret that)

· The developer teams did not wait for Team System to organize the development

o Project management, source & versioning, collaboration, quality control, configuration management ….

· The world is not only using Windows platform (L)

So why using Team Foundation Server ?

· TFS is covering the majority of the functionalities needed by the development teams

o helping to improve the visibility, collaboration & the quality

· TFS is an integrated solution

o Offering an “all in one” solution giving sense to all the pieces of information you are “managing”

· TFS is for everybody

o .NET, C++, VB6 developers but also Java, PHP, ….

o Developing on Windows and non Microsoft platforms


Please have a look at the Thomson Reuters case study to understand how a java house decided to unified their developments using Team Foundation Server

· “90 percent of the programmers work in Eclipse or Rational Application Developer (RAD), and up to 50 percent of the testers work in Eclipse”

· “Looking for a way to improve transparency and collaboration, Online Services standardized on Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team Foundation Server and the Teamprise Client Suite.”

Teamprise is a software vendor offering a suite of client applications for accessing Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server from outside the Visual Studio environment (featuring such as a TFS plug-in for Eclipse on Microsoft and non Microsoft platforms)