Top 5 reasons to use Team foundation Service (by Brian Keller)

Brian Keller (Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft Corp) is presenting the top 5 reasons to use the new cloud based Team Foundation Service

Brian’s video : click here

Top reasons are :

  • #5: We host your source control for you in the cloud for you to access anytime, anywhere. You can pick from either a traditional, centralized version control system, or if you like a distributed approach, we now support Git projects as well.
  • #4: You can collaborate with your friends and colleagues from around the world. It's easy to add new users to our project, set permissions, and then work together as you build that next killer app.
  • #3: You can manage your project using backlogs. You can track your work using task boards. You can measure that continuous value out to your customer using Kanban boards. And if you're a data geek like me, you can
    build all sorts of charts and graphs so you can track your project to completion.
  • #2: Team Foundation Service is for everyone. Whether you use Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, or your own code editor, we've got you covered.
  • And the #1 reason to use Team Foundation Service is that it's free for teams of up to 5. For larger teams, it's also included as a benefit for eligible MSDN subscribers.

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