Visual Studio 2010 - differences between .NET (managed) and C++ (unmanaged)

Thx to Chris Birmele, here is a view of the main capabilities in Visual Studio 2010. All of them are supported for .NET development and only the ones with Yes are for unamanaged (C++).

Product Features (VS 2010 Ultimate)
Team Foundation Server  
Version Control Yes
Work Item Tracking Yes
Build Automation Yes
Team Portal Yes
Reporting & Business Intelligence Yes
Agile Planning Workbook Yes
Test Case Management Yes
Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010 Yes
Development Platform Support  
Windows Development Yes
Web Development N/A
Office and SharePoint Development N/A
Cloud Development N/A
Customizable Development Experience Yes
Unit Testing No
Code Coverage No
Test Impact Analysis No
Coded UI Test No
Web Performance Testing N/A
Load Testing N/A
Database Development  
Database Deployment Yes
Database Change Management Yes
Database Unit Testing Yes
Database Test Data Generation Yes
Debugging & Diagnostics  
"Pinnable" DataTips for easier data inspection N/A
Post-mortem debugging support for .NET (dump debugging) No
Breakpoint improvements (search in Breakpoints window, label, import/export) No
New WPF visualizer N/A
Enhancements for debugging multi-threaded applications (Parallel Stack and Tasks) Yes
64-bit support for mixed-mode debugging Yes
Static Code Analysis Yes
Code Metrics No
Profiling Yes
IntelliTrace (Historical Debugger) No
Architecture and Modeling  
UML® & Layer diagram viewer Yes
Architecture Explorer Yes
UML 2.0 Compliant Diagrams (Activity, Use Case, Sequence, Class, Component) Yes
Layer Diagram and Dependency Validation No
Lab Management  
Test and Lab Manager Yes
Virtual environment setup & tear down Yes
Test Case Management Yes
Manual Test Execution Yes
Manual Test Record & Playback Yes
Lab Management Configuration Yes