Visual Studio 2010 presentation (slides and videos) in a deep zoom format

I am pleased to announce the public availability of a new presentation format . This includes concepts such as manual testing, actionable bugs, “no more no repro,” lab management, the build-deploy-test workflow, rich reporting, and more!

This presentation is based on Microsoft Deep Zoom and is designed to provide the following benefits over traditional linear presentations:

· Go deep, or stay high-level:  You can either focus on a high-level story or drill deep into product demonstrations.

· Inline videos: Each concept includes product demonstrations.


To get started, visit:

Some tips:

- Videos will “remember” your location if you navigate away from them. This is by design. But if you want to refresh the location of all videos (e.g. just before you go on stage) just press CTRL+F5.

- You can use the space bar to pause/play a video.

- You can use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in and out. You can also use the up and down arrow keys. (sometimes I even prefer the arrow keys even when I have a scroll wheel – practice it for a few minutes and see what you like best)

- You can use the left-and-right arrow keys to move through the workflow panels.

Videos in this Deep Zoom are based on beta 2, but the concepts are fundamentally identical to RTM. As time permits I’ll update the videos for RTM.