[VS2010] requirements with Visual Studio 2010

VS2010 will come with more features.
As the heart of the engine (TFS - Team Foundation Server) will remain the same for the source code control, work item tracking ..., Visual Studio 2010 will go further on some key features like requirements
I love the hierarchy (specifically thinking about Requirements) features.
You can have many dependencies between works items (task, requirements, tests, bugs ...) such as child, predecessor, related....

This n-n relationship will help to define the list of activities per requirements (with multi levels of hierarchy) but also the tests cases links to requirements and the defects listed to a test.
This will offer this kind of report, looking at the requirements:
you can see the tests results for each requirement and the bugs status too...

Check this video for a better understanding:


The Microsoft story, around ALM and Team System, is more democratising the concepts and tools than be the world wide reference for every scenarios.
Team Foundation Server covers, already in the version 2008, most of the needs of a development team and I’m not sure that everybody yet is mature enough to use all the functionalities. TFS 2010 will both close the gap looking at the advanced needs and help the current user increase their maturity in the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management).
So jump now on Team System 2008 and surf the wave with 2010.