Why building software solution during this (soon over) Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is a key priority?

Any enterprise, during a downturn or a slowdown, will focus on 2 priorities

· Growing the share

· Reducing the operational cost

Why growing the share?
If you can’t increase your revenue with your customers as they are asking you to cost less, then you need to take on your competitor in order to maintain the same level of activity. This fiscal year, the market share will be a metric as important as the revenue growth.

Why reducing cost?
Very obvious but you can’t cut in the muscle, you have to cut the fat. That means turning off only any non-priority project and optimise the productivity by reducing the operation work force.

Ok, so how about the “custom development”? Where do/should I need some dev ?
Let think about why an enterprise needs to build a customer software solution and you will found 2 main reasons

· You need a competitive advantage.
You can’t buy a COST (Commercial of the shelf) solution as you need one to fit and support your new business advantage. So if a software solution is needed as part of your business activity, you will have to do a custom development.

· You want to replace human activity/interaction with a software solution
at least half of the value of any software solution is to replace human activity. You can call that evolution, complexity reduction ... it’s about replacing people by software. As any company has his own process, you need a custom development to adapt a commercial software solution.

So you can see my point now:

What a company is looking at

Why you need to build a software solution

Growing the share

Support Competitive advantage with a software solution

Reducing the operational cost

Replace human activity/interaction with a software solution


So now is the right time to engage your customers (or internal customers) around building custom development solutions to help them growing their share and reducing their cost.




Jihad Dannawi