Objective for this blog

Making decisions that drive action without objective data to back it up makes no business sense at all, but it happens all the time. Much guess-work goes on, so huge risks and costs follow. And employees get frustrated with activity that doesn't deliver the expected value.

Some examples of not really managing your business:

  • Not having data to really understand your business standing,
  • Not having data to evaluate if you have the capability to deliver what you think/plan as targets,
  • Not having data to demonstrate if your actions have real impact, and
  • Not having data to put controls in place to identify deviations.

Here you will read about a model that combines Business Intelligence and Statistical Process Control practices to manage the execution of your business services' plans. This does not substitute for appropriate strategy & planning, but makes them actionable with no waste of resources.

(March 19, 2016): I recently joined the Customer, Partner, and Market Success organization in Power BI, as Program Manager in the Ecosystem Customer Engagement team. With this, my posts will also cover other business areas, including technical information about Microsoft BI (Office Excel, SQL SSRS & SSAS, Power BI), as well as Cortana Analytics.