MSDN Canada DeepDive Connected System--Edmonton Nov 10, 2004 Calgary Nov 16, 2004

As promised, here’s a list of resources I mentioned during my Connected Systems MSDN Deep Dive presentation and should help get you started…

Web Services, Web Services Architecture

Connected Systems .NET Show Episode – Fantastic episode featuring Don Box, Doug Purdy, Eric Schmidt and Richard Turner.

Intro to Web Services Architecture

Web Services Architecture & Design whitepapers

MSDN Architecture Webcasts

Four Tenets of Service Orientation & Indigo primer

MSDN Web Services Developer Centre

MSDN Web Services Interoperability Developer Centre

WS-Security Interoperability - WSE 2.0 and SUN JWSDP 1.4 Whitepaper by Simon Guest

Simon Guests blog

Pat Helland’s Metropolis presentations:

Metropolis: Envisioning the Service Oriented Enterprise
Thoughts on Data in Service Oriented Architectures
Metropolis: Buildings and Applications

MSDN Article on Metropolis


Whitepaper - Service Orientation and Its Role in Your Connected Systems Strategy (or watch the MSDN TV episode on the same topic)

.NET Show on Indigo

Indigo FAQ’s

Don Box’s blog (see Don’s list on the left hand side for lots of other Indigo bloggers)

Richard Turner’s blog –


Download WSE 2.0 (SP1) here

Start reading WSE articles here

Or if you’ve already done some WSE 1.0 stuff, start here:

What’s new in WSE 2.0 MSDN article

Or, if you attended the Connected Systems Deep Dive, you may want to head straight into downloading WSE and doing a lab. Here’s two Hands on Labs to get you going:

WSE 2.0 Hands On Labs - Security

WSE 2.0 Hands On Labs - Messaging

Great WSE Bloggers:

Hervey Wilson

Rebecca Dias

John Bristowe

Omri Gazitt

Biztalk 2004

Good place to start if you’re new to Biztalk is the Biztalk 2004 Home Page, then sit back and take in a few of the MANY fantastic Biztalk 2004 MSDN Webcasts.

Great Biztalk 2004 Whitepapers on Architecuture, Security, Development, Business Rules Framework etc.

Check out Scott Woodgate’s blog as he’s got some great blog postings on Biztalk and also has a large list of Biztalk bloggers on the left hand side you can also check out. Oh, also check out his new book which should be coming out soon)

Bloggers Guide To Biztalk 2004 – I blogged about this earlier. Very cool idea. It’s a bunch of blogs put into documentation format.

Biztalk 2004 Case Studies

Updated Biztalk 2004 Documentation (must have Biztalk installed to install this update)

Biztalk 2004 Tutorials