Ben and I run out the door of the pizza place, go home, and we play our games.
Lots of fun. Finally, Barb and the kids return home from church. Barb's
grateful I took Ben to Blockbuster as that was on her to-do list. She goes to
be early.

This morning, I tell her about this BLOG thingy. Well, my near 17-year
old daughter listens in while she sews a quilt for her cousin, Lauren. "You're
not talking about me on the web, are you Dad?"

Of course not Brittany. I would never, ever talk about you on the web
without your prior permission. Yeah. Right. Mwa haa haa. Mwa
haa haa haa. Brittany is my oldest child. She's almost 17 years old.
She's really an incredible kid. You couldn't ask for a better teenager.
I mean it.

I do call Brittany the "Overlord In Training" or OIT on occassion. She
can't help what her mother models, right? I mean, if my wife is The Evil Overlord,
some of it is gonna rub off, right?

In case you didn't gather, my wife is The Evil Overlord. I also just
call her Evil or Overlord on occassion.

My other kids are Ben, who you've read about. Bobby who is older than
Ben and younger than Brittany, and Bekah who is our youngest. Bobby and Bekah
attend public schools in 9th grade and kindergarten, respectively. Ben and Brittany
are home schooled by Evil herself in 5th grade and 11th grade, respectively.

Brittany is gonna be 17 soon. I need to think about doing something
for her birthday. Hmm... at least a card. My biggest trick yet is sending
unsigned cards to my sisters by accident. Hey, at least I thought of the card.
I bought the card, addressed the envelope, put a stamp on the envelope and sent the
cards. I forgot to even sign them.

Anyway, Brittany was sewing this morning. I asked, "Is this Home Ec?"
Evil informed me this was an "Interior Design" class going on. Oh. Okay.
Interior Design. That's good.