Last Night

So, I get home and my son, Benjamin, is waiting for me. He was home
alone. The wife and other kids were at church. Ben is old enough to be
home alone for a bit.

"Dad. Can we go to Blockbuster?" He wants to turn in a video game
and rent another. We pay for that monthly game rental where you can rent
one video game for as long as you want for $20 a month.

Not a bad deal, IMHO, if you're playing games actively. We do in my

I asked, "What do I have to do to have the minimum impact in my evening?
Blockbuster, EB Games, what?" Remember, from yesterday, we're returning
that one game. I knew he wanted to go to EB Games and return it.

Blockbuster was sufficient. Cool. I was hungry, having come in
from work, and I didn't see any food to eat in the house.
this really good pizza place by Blockbuster. My mouth started to waters as I
anticapated getting a couple slices of that yummy, greasy pizza. Mmmmm....

Hurry up and get in the car, kid! Off we go. We trade in the game
and visit the pizza place. We encounter a friend there. I order two pieces
and him one. We each get a drink. Ben's jumping up and down up and down.

Why do children wait until the very, very last moment to go to the toilet?
Ben runs off and uses the toilet. My conversation with my friend turns to children,
being out, and and our children having to emergency-use the toilet.
Such delightful conversations.

We eat with said friend. Ben tells me, "Dad, you know how it is?
You feel real hungry and then you eat one bite and you're not hungy any longer?"

"No. That's never happened to me." I grab his mangled, partially
eaten pizza and finish is off. I just scrape off the greasy cheese and
pepperoni toppings and eat them. I use my fingers. My wife's not there
to glower at me. Mmmm... Good.

I'm chattering away with my friend and his son, who is Bobby's age (and hence
4 years older than Ben). Ben says, "Dad. We're wasting time. We
could be home now with me playing this new game." What a delightfully polite
child I've raised.

Ben's right though. I'm wasting precious Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) time!
Well, better go. See ya later, friend!

<Gotta run. I'll write more later.>