Installing CRM Using SQL Server DNS Alias

In most enterprise Dynamics CRM project, the customer would like to install CRM using the SQL server DNS alias instead of the server name. One of the reasons for doing it is because they need to support their Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy. 

CRM does not allow you to use the alias because the Environment Diagnosis Wizard (EDW) did not have the ability to check for a SQL DNS alias, therefore it does not allow you to move to the next step even though it’s supported.

You have two options to solve this problem.

  • Option #1: Install CRM using the actual SQL server name.  After the installation is completed, modify the database connection string in the MSCRM registry and the MSCRM_CONFIG database.
  • Option #2: Add the IgnoreChecks key to the MSCRM ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSCRM]) registry to by pass the EDW check to continue with the installation.  Make sure that you setup the DWORD value to “1”. If you are going with this option, please make sure all of your other checks passed before adding the IgnoreChecks key.

Hope this helps!