Day 10 - Christchurch

IMG_3385This morning we woke up in the middle of nowhere, with no mobile coverage, no telephone and lots of distance between us and civilization - a geek's worst nightmare.  We were of course in Maruia Springs Thermal Resort in Lewis Pass.  Chris is still not feeling very good, but he managed to find a pharmacy, get some drugs and get back into presenting mode in time to present.

Before we got to the convention centre (or town hall) we stopped at  Yeeros for a Souvlaki - if you are in Christchurch - it is worth a stop and its only a hundred metres from Cathedral Square.

IMG_3390Did I mention that it is cold and wet down here?  The farmers were dancing on the roads on the way to Christchurch because of the rain (or was it because I ran over one of his sheep?).  Actually it is so wet that the Avon river is quite high - almost flooding in places.  And it is cold - It was 8 degrees on the Canterbury side of Lewis Pass this morning too - chilly.

In spite of the weather, Christchurch turned out a great audience.  Over 150 people turned up to catch the Christchurch leg of the 2008 Summer Road Trip.  This is better than the Auckland turn out and the second highest turn out of the tour so far - so THANK YOU CHRISTCHURCH!

IMG_3394Tonight we are off home for the weekend - except for Chris who is going Heli-biking (health permitting) - and then we meet up with Chris back in Dunedin on Monday.

If you are in the deep south (Dunedin or Invercargill), you can still register and come along and catch the last leg of the road trip!  Actually even if you are in the North Island - maybe the Dunedin or Invercargill leg of the road trip is all the excuse you need to take a holiday down there :-)