Day 6 - Napier

The boys need to eat!We started the week at 7am by driving from Wellington to Napier.  It was pouring rain in Wellington - but the rain eased and cleared once we got through the Waiarapa.

It was funny driving through my home town, Dannevirke, and pointing out one or two features of the town along the way including the bakery next to the Warehouse (which Chris appreciated).

It is hot in Napier, so before the presentation we had time to have a quick lunch at the venue, which had nice food, although at $2 per Mussel, it wasn't cheap (fortunately Chris pays his own way for lunch)...

More than 70 people came along to East Pier in NapierOver 70 people came along to East Pier to hear Chris, JB and Gerard (the local .Net User Group Leader who did presented on Visual Studio 2008.

Gerard did a great job - he was very relaxed and had a few extra features that he showed along the way which people appreciated.

One thing we are struggling with is keeping to time.  The best we've done is only go (only) 15 minutes over.  So far this hasn't been a bit problem, and we are trying to address it (we've dropped a demo or two), however, please come along expecting to leave at 4pm.

If you missed it before, and you want to come along to one of these, register and come to one of the remaining locations.