Depth of technical sessions

One of the things we often get feedback on is that we often don't hit the mark on session depth.  There are a few ways to fix this...

The first is to ensure we get deep sessions in to the agenda.  I've made an effort to try and work these in this year.  There are some extremely deep sessions on.  I was talking to Andrew Leckie last night who was after a deep session, so I pointed him at Alex James's session which is a 400 level deep dive in to LINQ (sorry the session number doesn't reflect this - but hopefully the "Deep Dive" in the title will give you a clue).  Alex can dive deeper than most, and I'm sure most in the room will be wowed with the depth of his knowledge.  Alex is on at 9am this morning.

Joel Pobar can deep dive with the best of them, no bSpeakers in the speaker roomody complains about Steve Riley's depth and Paul Yuknewicz can dive deep into VB if you are interested too.

If you are interested in Active Directory, g et along to SVR315 at 3:45.   Michael knows his stuff.

Here is a second way to fix this - if you don't get a particular answer - ask questions - the speakers are happy to take them and you can dive as deep as you want to.  Also - grab the speakers after their session and dive deep - if they don't have the answer, they can get them.

A third way is to make sure you pick your sessions well.  Don't go to sessions where you already know lots - go to sessions where you aren't as deep - you'll learn more and round out your knowledge. 

If you have any specific concerns, come find me and let me know or drop me an email!  I'm keen to hear feedback that I can use next year!