Did you know? (reading RSS on live.com)

We've been having this ongoing discussion about live.com... And at the same time I've increased my usage of live.com and thought I'd share a couple of tips that I've found useful.

Reading RSS Feeds.

Initially when you add your first RSS feed to live.com you think eew..., however, I've come to love it.  There are two main reasons... You might miss them, so I thought I'd take the time to point them out...

Firstly you can reduce the number of headlines in the feed - most feeds serve up 10 or so (some more) and normally you look at the ones that you like and ignore all the read ones.  Typically people only post once or twice a day, so it seems pointless to have all of them there, so I reduce the number to about three.  You do this by clicking the little + and - signs in the bottom right of the feed.  This means I can have more feeds on the page without missing out on anything.

The second (and fav) tip is that you might consider reading RSS on live.com to be a real pain (screen loading, etc).  However, if you hover over or click the little word [more] at the end of the title the entire post will pop up for you to read it.  When you mouse out of the pop-up it will dissappear.  This pop-up is actually very cool.  If a blogger embeds (for instance) a video from youtube up in the post you can even play it inside the pop-up.

Very cool.

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