Firefox support for Windows Card Space

Good news if you are considering Windows Card space:

Today we announced that that Kevin Miller – an independent consultant fluent in both the Java and open-source as well as .NET – has completed the first release of an open-source Mozilla Firefox extension for Windows CardSpace and released it to the web for download.

Kevin aims to have the source for his extension uploaded to a CodePlex project in the next day or two allowing open review of his code whilst he smooths out the last few remaining rough edges as he prepares the code for submission to Mozilla for inclusion as an official Firefox feature.

Kevin worked tirelessly on this extension over the last few weeks and worked closely with the Microsoft guys on the Cardspace team.

Cardspace is an open solution for managing identity claims in both federated and non-federated environment (i.e. on the web and/or in partnership with other companies).

If you've never heard of this technology before, key things to know:

  • Its not another passport - you own your identity
  • Its based on Web Service standards (WS Secure, WS Trust, etc)
  • It adheres to the laws of identity
  • The Microsoft implementation is based on .Net 3.0

You'll hear more about this technology over the next month or so, but for now at least we are starting to see support for the technology across the wider community.

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