Geekzone live on Windows Server 2008 RC

imageOn Wednesday Mauricio from Geekzone was up in Auckland upgrading the Geekzone server to Windows Server 2008 RC.  He posted a blog post saying he was live, and yesterday he did a report on the first few days.

After the install he said: 

My first impression is how responsive the UI is. Also it looks like Windows Vista in many aspects and it's easy to use. There are some new features that I will be trying soon. The next thing I notice is that pages are actually faster now - to create and load.

Thats a good start :-)  One of the parts of Windows Server that got a major overhaul was IIS, so Mauricio is seeing the benefits of these improvements on day one. 

He also notes in his report yesterday that most of the applications he uses either just work or have been updated to work with Windows Server 2008.

As he noted in his posts, is a large site by New Zealand standards - 15th largest in NZ in terms of traffic (largest in the IT sector) - according to AC Nielsen - and handles over half a million unique visitors each month and many millions of page impressions.

There are a couple of other large sites making the move to Windows Server 2008 - again because they see the performance improvements for websites or because they want to take advantage of some of the new features such as WAS or HyperV.

There is lots to like in Windows Server...