How to add the Weather gadget to

Someone asked me today how to get the Weather gadget on to if your locale is set to New Zealand.  Here's how.

First up, change your locale to English (United States) (click settings in the top right corner and select the language from the drop down list at the bottom).

When you do this the page will refresh and the directory will be the US directory.  Click the "Add Stuff" link and then in the directory area the will appear select "Gadgets", then "News, finance and Weather" and drag and drop the "Weather Forecasts" entry onto the page somewhere. 

When the gadget appears, click the Edit text in the top right corner of the gadget and select "Add City", enter the name of the New Zealand city you want and hit enter to find it then select it from the list.

Once you've got your NZ city in the weather gadget, change your language settings back to "English (New Zealand)" and continue adding any cities you might want.

This should be fixed fairly soon, so hopefully you wont need to do this process for long.

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