How to buy Visual Studio in New Zealand

We often get asked "how can I buy Visual Studio and MSDN?".

And since last time we posted on this was back in 2005 I thought we should update this guidance.

If you look at the bottom of the MSDN NZ Visual Studio page, you'll see a section called "How to Buy".

It lists there all the local LARs (Large Account Resellers) who are all well and good, but can seem a bit OTT if all I want is a copy of MSDN.

That is one reason why we have now got an agreement with Developers Inc - a specialist developer tools licensing company who also sell developer tools for many "other" companies :-)

You can contact Developers Inc by calling 0508 338 462 or email Richard Vowles.

You might be keen to know too that if all you want is a single license that if you purchase a single license of MSDN you qualify for Microsoft Open License - meaning nobody should be paying full retail for Visual Studio with MSDN.

If you are starting out building a product, you'll want to check out the Empower Program which provides an awesome starting point for companies looking to get their first products out in the next 12 -24 months.