In Queenstown

I'm getting ready to leave Queenstown after a few days here with the team from Microsoft New Zealand.  Its been a great time - meeting new people and getting to know them.  Its also been a lot of fun. 

I've taken a couple of pictures and done a few things that I've never done before (I'll post more a little later on these).

Its also been great for getting my head around a few things.  One of these will be what I'll do with my own website ( now that I'm not blogging on it.  I'll deal with that a little more later, but I've got a few ideas of things I want to focus on over there.

This blog will remain technical so if you are a geek you'll find that things pick up here a little in a week or two. The other site will be a more personal site, as well as a central place to figure out what I'm up to.

More later...   its just started snowing...