in NZ - is it being used?

I was checking some rankings for Alexa today and decided to see what the top sites in NZ were as far as Alexa was concerned.

I was surprised to see that was ranked the number 9 website for New Zealand.  I say I was surprised because, while I knew the traffic was growing, I didn't think it was growing that fast.... Compare's traffic with say interesting...

Anyway, if you are interested in and what we are trying to do with it you should check out the sessions we've got at Tech Ed this year - particularly these ones:

Monday 21 Aug, 11:55am - WEB202 - The Windows Live Platform: Build Applications That Have Access to 400 Million Address Books, and 13 Billion Contacts - George Moore - SkyCity NZ Room 3

Monday 21 Aug, 2pm - WEB203 - Extending Your Reach with Microsoft Gadgets - Darryl Burling; George Moore - SkyCity NZ Room 3

Tuesday 22 Aug, 9:00am - WEB206 - Windows Live Search Macros - Build, Share, and Use Your Own Search Engine in Seconds - George Moore - Crowne Plaza Ballroom 2

Yes - it may look like a self plug of sorts... George is the General Manager of - so if you want information - he's the guy who can give it to you on the spot. 

There are lots of great sessions on this year, but you should get along to these ones if you are interested in

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