Live from LiveWriter

I've finally managed to get around to installing LiveWriter.

LiveWriter is a installable piece of software that you can download and install for writing blog entries.

Basic features:

  • Works with lots of blog engines (including WordPress, Blogger, Live Spaces, etc)
  • Can configure multiple blogs to work with it
  • Allows pinging of ping servers (such as Technorati)
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) authoring
  • Allows automatic publishing of photos to blogging engine or separately to FTP server
  • Integrates with - for easy adding of maps to your posts
  • Support blog discovery through RSD
  • Support for custom plug ins (you should at least get the tag4writer plugin for tagging your posts)
  • Support for spell checking your posts (Sean could do with this)
  • There is an SDK available for it

The LiveWriter team have a blog on live spaces if you want to keep up to date with developments.

I like LiveWriter.  It is simple, quick and easy to work.I expect I'll keep using it.  I only wish it had native inking support, although there is a plugin for ink.

JD (winner of the NZ Dot Net User Group Blog of the yearseems to like it.

This blog post brought to you courtesy of LiveWriter.  Go download it and try it out! 

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