Things I love about the new Live Writer

I really like live writer.  I love online/offline applications that have both a software and an online component - I get the best of the experience with the best of the reach.  Anyway, I've already talked about that and that's not what this post is about.

I really like some of the new features of Live Writer.

My favorites are spell checking (which was notably missing in the previous version), the new category picker (why can't I create a category though?), the icon next to the weblog (its the little things too) and my personal fav is the "Set publish date" feature.

I tend to post in spurts and its always bothered me that they turn up in a cluster and then I appear to take a holiday from blogging for a week.  Now I can "manage" that better :-) 

The only problem is that with a blogging engine based somewhere in the US and me based here in NZ time zone, there is a bit of guessing as to when the post needs to be set to appear...