VSTS Training - yes you can get it in NZ now!

Mark (the local architect advisor) has been working away to get VSTS training available here in New Zealand.  The first of these courses is booked out (and it starts today), but there will be more.

Here is the details of the next course:

Top down SDLC driven - Implementing a Software Development Life Cycle using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System, April 10 – 11 in Wellington;

This course is provided by the respected Software architect consultancy and training organisation Equinox also known for their training offerings in other areas related to software development and the software development life cycle.

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Describe the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Team System).

2. Describe the software development processes and roles supported by Team System.

3. Understand how Team System supports the software development process.

4. Understand how Team System can be customised and extended.

5. Use the features in Team System that relate to the participant's role within the software development process.

Course Audience:

The primary intended audience for this course includes: Project Managers, Architects, Developers, Testers.

Information on course offering:

Dates: Monday 10 April and Tuesday 11 April

Duration: 2 days

Cost: $1400 (excludes GST)

For a full course background:


For registration: