Working with Microsoft

 I have a presentation that I've done a couple of times now about how to work with Microsoft including details of what the MVP and RD programs are and how they work. 

I just read Rods' blog on ConnectioNZ from last week (I've been on leave) and can't stress how critical his points at the end of that email were.

Many people see the benefit of using Microsoft for their own marketing, etc, but few understand how do to it.  Rod has a great history of doing this, and summarizes exactly some of the points from my presentation (not that he got them there).

Love or hate Microsoft you have to acknowledge how good they are at partnering.

Hopefully something useful from my discussion was how to partner effectively with Microsoft.  Here are some tips.

  1. Understand what the Microsoft individuals you are working with are goaled on. If you’re synced up with that your in good shape.
  2. Normally the individuals goals are in sync with the MS corporate goals.  Ask what they are.  Then you can line up your messaging and themes and the magic starts to happen.
  3. You need to build a relationship.  Get to know the people you are working with.
  4. Look for ways that you can add value

Simple stuff I know but someone at MS today pointed out that many of the relationships they have feel more like the traditional vendor/customer relationship than a partnership.

Read the rest in Rods post: Connectionz