In case you are wondering where I have been or what I've been doing, I have left Syndey's sunny shores to live London on a kind of personal life experiences enrichment program :-). I'm just about settled in now in my new home, getting used to the colder weather, and getting into the swing of things in my new role. I am now an EMEA Solutions Escalation Engineer.

So what on earth is a Solutions Escalation Engineer? The official title of my team is the Solutions Support Team. We are a member of the Premier Field Engineering Organization (PFE) in EMEA. I fancy describing our specific goal being to minimize the chances of solutions related issues occurring in production and to improve the availability of the solution system.

The solutions that we work with can be classified as either one of two things. Microsoft Solutions or Custom Solutions. Microsoft Solutions include Hosted Messaging and Collaboration, Connected Services framework, Windows Based Hosting etc. (You can find the complete list here.) Custom solutions are those which may or may not have been developed by Microsoft consulting services and partners but meet our criteria of supportability.

As you can imagine, Solutions Support covers a broad range of technologies. We collaborate closely as team, and work alot with our other colleagues in the PFE organisation as well as Customer Services Support to achieve our objectives with customers.

My primary roles include providing support and delivering proactive services for HMC, CSF, and custom solutions. Proactive services activities include things like Supportability Reviews, Health Checks, and Compliancy Checks. Solutions Support also delivers workshops.

So where to from here? In addition to developer support related blogs, you will start to see ones related to Microsoft Solutions such as HMC and CSF. Plus, my learnings over the custom solutions that we support. I hope you find some of my banter useful in someway.