PDC 2008 - Los Angeles, CA - Oct. 27-30

Microsoft's premier developer event, the Professional Developer Conference, is almost here. PDC 2008 will feature more than 160 sessions covering a wide range of topics including a number of great sessions from the Data Programmability Team, including the ADO.NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services and Project "Velocity".

Developing Applications Using Data Services

Presenter: Mike Flasko

In the near future, applications will be developed using a combination of custom application code and online building block services, including data-centric services. In this session we discuss advancements in the Microsoft development platform and online service interfaces to enable seamless interaction with data services both on-premises (e.g., ADO.NET Data Services Framework over on-premises SQL Server) and in the cloud (e.g., SQL Server Data Services). Learn how you can leverage existing know-how related to LINQ (Language Integrated Query), data access APIs, data-binding, and more when building applications using online data.

Offline-Enabled Data Services and Desktop Applications

Presenter: Pablo Castro

The ADO.NET Data Services Framework (a.k.a. Project "Astoria") introduced a way of creating and consuming flexible, data-centric REST services. By combining data services with the Microsoft Sync Framework, learn how to create offline-capable applications that have a local replica of their data, how to synchronize that replica with an online data service when a network connection becomes available, and how replicas can be used with the ADO.NET Entity Framework. Also, hear us talk about our plans, see the tools that help client- and server-side setup, and discuss the runtime components and APIs.


Entity Framework Futures

Presenter: Tim Mallalieu

The next version of the Entity Framework adds scenarios in the areas of   model driven development, domain driven development, simplicity, and integration. See a preview of production and prototype code for the next version of the Entity Framework as well as a candid discussion with members of the development team.


Project "Velocity": A First Look

Presenter: Murali Krishnaprasad

It is predicted that all large applications will use a distributed data cache as the initial tier for all data access. This session presents an overview of "Velocity," Microsoft's distributed in-memory cache, and shows how it works with IIS, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and SQL Server Data Services.

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See you there!!

Elisa Flasko
Program Manager, Data Programmability