PowerBI - complete Self Service BI solution in Excel

Power BI is a self service and intuitive solution for all of your data needs delivered in Excel.

New data discovery, Analysis and Visualization are provided in Excel

Powerful Online Search returns results from within your organization and valuable external data sources which you can combine for easier analysis

Continue to add to your data in excel with a powerful modeling environment creating calculations during your analysis. You can analyze a substantial chunk of data in seconds with In memory processing capabilities

Bold visualizations are possible using PowerView and Geoflow for geographic information uncovering new information. PowerView helps in creating dashboards which will help in sharing key  findings with your team.

Further more data is refreshable. You can also track who is using this data. It is also integrated with Natural language query processing where queries return powerful visualization as output.

To find out more register on - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/power-bi-fx104080667.aspx

You can also download preview from here