Dataworks team at TechEd 2005

How many of you are coming to TechEd 2005 in Orlando? A show of hands, please. Excellent!

The DataWorks team will be at TechEd, delivering sessions, chatting in the cabana and in the booth, and attending various Birds of a Feather sessions.

We'll be involved in the following sessions:
1. Monday @ 5:00 – DAT 330: SQL Server 2005: End-to-End Part 1 (David Sceppa, Euan Gardner and Roger Wolter)
2. Tuesday @ 5:00 – DAT 320: Integrated Innovation: Using ADO.NET 2.0 with SQL Server 2005 (Pablo Castro and David Sceppa)
3. Tuesday @ 3:45 – DAT 421: Client and Middle Tier Caching with SQL Server 2005 (Pablo Castro and Steve Lasker)
4. Thursday @ 8:30 – DAT 420: Roadmap for Native Data Access (Chris Lee)

There will be follow-up discussions in the cabana lounge after each session. The DataWorks team is also delivering presentations in the cabana lounge:
1. Wednesday @ 10:15 – DAT C07: Q&A ADO.NET 2.0 (Pablo Castro and David Sceppa)
2. Wednesday @ 5:30 – DAT C09: ADO.NET 2.0 and the Provider Factory Model (David Sceppa)
3. Thursday @ 5:00 – DAT C13: ADO.NET 2.0 DataSet Enhancements (David Sceppa)

Please stop by and say Hi to us at the booth or the cabana. We look forward to seeing you there!

David Sceppa
Program Manager – ADO.NET Team
Microsoft Corporation