PDC05 is next week!

The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference will happen next week in Los Angeles. We’re all really exited about this and we’ve been working on content and demos for our talks, as well as cleaning up some of our prototypes for the future generation of .NET technology to bring them to a show-able state :)

Here comes my plug: I’ll be doing a session on ADO.NET titled “ADO.NET 2.0: Advanced Data Access Patterns”. My goal is to touch on tough topics that require non-trivial handling of ADO.NET and related technologies to get right in high-end scenarios. I’ll focus on three main areas:

Fast change processing: Getting data our of the server fast is relatively easy, but how about sending changes back? I’ll show techniques that will help you process large amounts of changes not 10% or 20% faster, but 2 to 5 *times* faster.

Middle-tier caching: If you have a lot of data around, you may not want to hit your database server every time you need to serve a bit of it. In this section I’ll discuss and show how to do caching with the DataSet and use SqlDependency to expire the cache with controlled granularity instead of all-or-nothing.

Query over DataSet: Now, if your cache is really large, you may want to query your data rather than walk through data-structures. In this last part I’ll discuss how to implement a small query processor that runs over the DataSet and can do projections, filters, joins, etc. And you get the code!

Also, I’ll be doing some demos in David Campbell’s talk about data futures. If you want to know more about the things we’ll be doing in future versions, you can’t miss this one :)

Finally, several folks from the ADO.NET team including myself will be there hanging out in the Data and Systems Track Lounge and in the Ask the Experts event; so come by and say hi!

See you in L.A.

Pablo Castro
ADO.NET Technical Lead

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