Big Book of BSP Goes Live!

Check out Called the "Big Book of BSP" and hosted on the Channel 9 website.  The wiki, specifically for developers of Windows CE and Windows Mobile board-support packages (BSP's), aims to provide "comprehensive information pertaining to Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile BSPs."

The wiki contains the knowledge on BSPs from within Microsoft and covers topics such as:

  • Introduction to BSPs
  • What you need to create a BSP
  • Features of a BSP
  • Board bringup
  • Advanced debugging topics for BSPs
  • Switching between debug and retail
  • How to know your BSP is done
  • How to get support for BSP development

The team encourages users of the the Big Book of BSP to participate in the evolution of its content.  The wiki is now "open for direct edits," and can be found here.