Windows XP Embedded Feature Pack 2007 CTP

WINDOWS XP EMBEDDED FEATURE PACK 2007 CTP READY FOR ACTION The recently announced Windows XP Embedded SP2 Feature Pack 2007 Community Technology Preview (CTP) is now available for download, and will be the focus of an hour-long live chat on August 15th.  The feature pack provides a number of new features, such as native USB Boot, enhancements to existing features and tools, such as EWF and HORM, and reduced footprint owing to substantial work on component dependencies.

Read these two news items for more details.


*  Windows XP Embedded FP 2007 CTP available for download


*  Live chat covers Windows XPe SP2 Feature Pack 2007

Download instructions
To download the XPe SP2 FP 2007 CTP ISO image, follow these instructions provided by Andy Allred of the Windows XP Embedded Team:

  • Visit Microsoft Connect with Internet Explorer (note: Firefox won't work!) and sign in with, or register for, a "Windows Live ID"
  • Following the sign-in process, you'll be asked for an Invitation ID; enter 123-BC7M-6GVK, and click "Go"
  • Users who have not previously registered with Microsoft Connect may be required to register before continuing
  • The final step is to complete a User Profile survey for the program