CLRProfiler 4.5 released: includes Windows Store app support

You can find CLRProfiler 4.5 at its new home on CodePlex:

If you’re interested in using CLRProfiler to diagnose memory issues with your managed app, including managed Windows Store apps, all you need is the CLRProfiler45Binaries download from the Downloads tab.  Please be sure to read the installation instructions first.  You will find a link to the installation instructions from the Downloads tab.

If you’re interested in writing your own profiler to diagnose Windows Store apps, you may find CLRProfiler 4.5 useful as an example.  You’ll want the CLRProfiler45Source download from the Downloads tab.  (Note, in early December we expect also to release a white paper documenting what you’ll need to know about writing a profiler that analyzes Windows Store apps.)

In the coming weeks we expect to publish more complete information on CLRProfiler 4.5, but I wanted to get this small post out there now so you’re aware that CLRProfiler 4.5 is available.