Inaugural Post

Now that I’ve been working at Microsoft (aka “The Big Show”) for 6 months, I figured it was time to spool up a blog and cast my thoughts into the bit ether. I’m hoping to use this blog as a vehicle to discuss ideas around Architecture and Software Engineering.

In terms of Architecture, I anticipate taking a broad view encompassing ideas/concepts from the areas of Software, Solution, and Enterprise Architecture. Ideally, this blog will eventually publish insights in terms of the unanticipated intersection of these areas.

In terms of Software Engineering, I hope to explore the practical application of ideas, both new and old, to craft great software – and have a great time doing it. In my time as an Architect I have been granted the honor to lead some truly talented developers. A lot of what I plan to talk about is what these developers have taught me about the craft.


For those that are still reading (and are still interested), a little about myself. I currently work as an Architect in Microsoft’s IT department (MSIT) on the MSIT Enterprise Architecture team. In previous lives I’ve been a consultant, a .COM refugee, and an “old economy” IT staffer.