How does Microsoft compare in the Fortune 500?

Fortune 500

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Before I joined Microsoft, I was an engineer at Comcast, on their COAM (Consumer Owned and Maintained Devices) team, where I worked on their Xbox 360, Xbox One, and SmartGlass apps. Now that I'm at Microsoft, another Fortune 50 company, I've kept a close eye on all of the large tech companies, to see how they weigh against one another. Here are some results from the recent Fortune magazine analysis:

  • Rank:  MSFT 34, Comcast: 44, Apple: 5, Google: 46


  • Revenue:  MSFT 77 billion MS, Comcast: $64 billion, Apple: $170 billion, Google: $60 billion


  • Market Value: MSFT 340 billion, Comcast: $130 billion, Apple: $479 billion, Google: $375 billion


  • Earnings/Share:  MSFT 2.58, Comcast: $2.56, Apple: $39.75, Google: $38.13‏