Announcing the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Philly Appathon March 25th to May 7th


Update April 3rd, 2013 – The contest is now for BOTH Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 Apps!


I am pleased to announce that Microsoft and Philly.NET are hosting another Windows Store App contest!  Since the launch of Windows 8 the Windows Store as given developers the opportunity to sell their apps while using the same skills and languages they are familiar with. Since its launch the number of apps in the Store has more than quadrupled and just two months after GA, has passed the 100 million app download mark. Now is the time to get your app into the Store!


Here are the details:

  • Contest begins Monday, March 25th and ends Tuesday, May 7th.
  • The contest is open to all Pennsylvania and Philly.Net members
  • Download the free Visual Studio 2012 Express tools and build your Windows Store or Windows Phone 8 app using C#|VB/XAML, JS/HTML, or C++/XAML.
  • Publish your app to the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store by Tuesday, May 7th and email the link to here.
    • Apps will be judged by David Isbitski (Microsoft), Rob Keiser (Philly.Net) and Bill Wolff (Philly.Net)
    • Criteria used for judging will include but not limited to the following:
      • Uniqueness
      • Windows Store or Windows Phone 8 Capabilities (Search and Share Contracts, Live Tiles, Notifications, etc)
      • Design
      • Longevity
    • In the event your app is not published by the deadline simply send the judges a video showing your app has been submitted for certification and a brief video of it running in the emulator.
  • Winners will be announced at Philly.Net Code Camp Saturday, May 11th.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

You can enter as many apps as you publish into the contest. All Windows Store and Windows Phone apps also count as entries for the Keep The Cash contest meaning everyone who publishes an app for the contest is also eligible to receive a gift card.