I have a new Blog– davedev.net

It had been six years this past May since I first set up this blog on Microsoft’s MSDN blog engine.  I’ve been meaning to move to WordPress for a while now for numerous reasons as well as getting an easier to remember url.

Now that Azure Web Sites support WordPress out of the box it seemed like the time had come.  So without further ado I give you my new website DaveDev.net.



I will continue to keep this blog up since there are over six years of posts in case anyone needs anything.  I moved over most of the posts from the past year to the new blog and will be posting there moving forward.  The new blog also offers sections that will make a lot of the content you care about easier to find I think.

This includes both a section dedicated entirely to my Starter Kits and Courses

Starter KitsMy Courses

as well as all of the online content I’ve been recording via my Netcasts section.