New Microsoft DevRadio Episode: World of Warcraft API Starter Kit for Windows Store Apps





If you have a spare twenty minutes you can watch me walk through the World of Warcraft API Starter Kit in the latest DevRadio episode.  This Starter Kit is designed to give you a fully functional Windows Store app in minutes using HTML and JavaScript. 

All the building blocks of an app are there including Application Bar, Settings Panel, Icons, ViewBox Control, Privacy statement, Flyout Controls, Roaming Settings, Page Navigation Controls and a ListView.

We wrap all of that around a reusable WinJS Namespace for World of Warcraft Realm Status network calls and show you how to bind to the ListView along with some data convertors.

Hope you enjoy the episode!




You can get the full WOW API Starter Kit here along with many others.

Next Steps:

Step #1 – Download the Tools for Windows 8 App Development
Step #2 – Download Visual Studio Express for Windows 8
Step #3 – Start building your own Apps for Windows 8

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