Today is my last day at Microsoft

After over six years I have decided to move on from Microsoft.  I joined in May 2007 just one month before the launch of the iPhone.  Our industry has changed so much during that time and I feel honored to have taken some small part in it.  When I sat down to write this post there were many topics I thought about covering but in the end it was the people I met thatmade the journey so worthwhile.  This post is for you.  In no particular order...

Joe, Joe and Asli - you taught me how I can work hard and still play hard.  I'll never forget MIX, Chicago and AC.

Harry - for helping me remember that little kid from Toms River I was who thought he could change the world.  I had forgotten him.  You taught me that true leaders stand alone.

Ian and Jit - for making me believe again that technical excellence was valued.  I never enjoyed ramping up on new platforms as much as when I had you guys with me. 

Jim - we've known each other for so long you already know how much I admire you.  Hammock up!

Hong - for being the other half of the perfect partner team.  We drove huge wins and it was so much fun together on Xbox Apps. 

Dani - We have a bond that was formed in the trenches of hours on the road together and hardened with faith.  I'm looking forward to many more burrito lunches.

Tara and Lindsay - My sisters in DPE! I'm constantly amazed at your understanding and ability to connect with students.  Keep believing in yourself there is nothing you can't do.  

Andrew, Brian, Chris, Jim, Joe, Peter and Rachel - we grew up as TE's together before people even knew what Twitter was. No matter how much change came along you guys were the anchors and we always had each other’s backs. Never let the experiences and lessons we've learned fade away from the team. 

Nora, Viv, Andrea, Rebecca, Niels, Erin, Susan, and Connie - we had so many great ideas, not all of them made it through, but you made the ride worthwhile!  I couldn't have asked for a better marketing team.

Dan, Jim, Bill, Carlos, Bob, Scott and Mark - for creating such a fun place to work and helping me realize how much I love being a technical evangelist.

Brett - for being the best example of what a manager could be.  You helped strengthen my belief in my career and to never stop growing.  Even if that means taking a different path than I thought I would.

Jesse - You’re one of the brightest and charismatic people I know.  You've kept me sane.  It brings a smile to my face to see what a great Evangelist you have turned into. 

Bill and Rob - I've learned a ton about community from you guys.  Thank you for always being there and supporting me. 

Fellow TE's - I was involved in so many of you coming to Microsoft and know how amazing you all are.  Never underestimate the impact of what you do.  You make a difference every day in the lives of developers.

I've almost certainly left others out you know who you are.  Please reach out to me or on my new Blog if you ever want to catch up.

As to what's next?  People leave companies for a variety of reasons and my story is no different.  Microsoft is an amazing company with some of the best people I've ever worked with.  The direction it has set up for itself will only solidify its place in the future.   For me it was time to take the next step in my career, doing the job I love, with an even bigger opportunity for impact.  I want to thank the communities I’ve been a part of, the people I’ve worked side by side with, and the leadership team that’s supported me through my career.  I’m not going to say goodbye because I know we will all run into each other again.