Blissfully happy at the PDC

I've spent the last two whole days talking to people about workflow!

That's one for each of the years I've been working on what the world now knows as the Windows Workflow Foundation.  The release from the pressure of my contractual code of silence has made this PDC just a total blast.

So now, sitting here in a quieter moment in the Track Lounge, time for the blog - another pleasure I've been promising myself for the longest time.

What do I want to talk about?  Well, I'm the architect of Windows Workflow Foundation, so I want to tell you all about what we set out to do, and why that led us to the decisions we made about what to put in, and perhaps more importantly what not to put in, and what's it all for, and, and - and, of course, get your feedback.

But for now, time for another verbal fix....