Eye On Earth Launch

Last week during PDC the press release went out launching our project Eye On Earth (AirWatch).



http://eyeonearth.cloudapp.net/home.aspx if you do not have Silverlight enabled.

Below shows the initial screen with the station light points, for visual clustering, along with the flyout showing air quality in Canterbury, and water quality in the closest station (Whitstable).  Along with the user rating and word cloud showing the associated rated words.


By clicking the “Views” dropdown at the top, you can turn on the air quality model generated from over 188,000 point model hourly by the DLR http://www.dlr.de/en/.  This is the model the pushpins get their data from.


Along with this was the following video outlining the value to the European Environment Agency, and demo by Ludo De Bock:


This has been a brilliant project to work on, and already has generated some good reviews online:






And within just a week of launching, hundreds of people have already rated the air quality in their area, as seen by the User Feedback Light maps in the dropdowns.

I look forward to hearing from you both on twitter and the comments on this blog:

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