Japanese parking lots

So, just got back from my 4 week vacation to Japan, so I'll probably have a few more Japan themed posts coming up.

Here's something I noticed when I first went over there, and it struck me as odd again this time around. Everyone does back-in parking! It's eerie almost. I've seen a few cars here and there that park "normally," but the vast majority, are backed-in. I of course asked people why they do this, and the typical response is "Well, it's easier to just drive away when you leave." 

In America, we seem to focus more on the present, and go for the quick gratification of straight-in parking. Maybe this reflects some sort of general cultural difference. Maybe the American fast-food, spendy, instant gratification lifestyle is also reflected in our parking methods. Maybe the Japanese, with their #1 life expectancy, are always thinking of the future, and about how a little restraint now can pay off in the long run.

Nahh, on second thought it probably just has to do with driving on the left side of the road :)