Special characters in Logic Apps B2B partners identifier

The text field for qualifier value in Azure portal under Integration Account > Partners > Set (AS2|X12|Edifact) Identity allows you to enter alphanumerical characters and a set of special characters limited to '-' (dash), '(', ')' (parenthesis) and '.' (dot). However the RFC 4130 defining the allowed characters in an AS2 partner identifier specifies a broader set of allowed characters, such as '@' used for instance when the identifier is actually an e-mail address.

On page 15 of reference https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4130.txt

       AS2-text = "!" /           ; printable ASCII characters
                 %d35-91 /       ; except double-quote (%d34)
                 %d93-126        ; or backslash (%d92)

      AS2-qtext = AS2-text / SP  ; allow space only in quoted text

      AS2-quoted-pair = "\" DQUOTE /  ; \" or
                        "\" "\"       ; \\

      AS2-quoted-name = DQUOTE 1*128( AS2-qtext /
                                      AS2-quoted-pair) DQUOTE

      AS2-atomic-name = 1*128AS2-text

      AS2-name = AS2-atomic-name / AS2-quoted-name

You can workaround this issue with the excessively strict field validation in our UI by using the “EditAsJson” view. It works as well to use the Integration Account REST API for creating and/or updating the partner resource.