More Feedback - Media Center Rollup 2

With any product launch there are issues - and Rollup 2 is no different.

The biggest issue for the Media Center team is that we have a lot more customers with a lot of different configurations (new countries, XBOX 360s, home built machines, etc) and there are always new problems that come with this.

One of the things that makes a good project manager or program manager is the ability to step in to any problem and help solve the issue. Over the last year I’ve owned entire projects (Rollup 2) or strategies (Media Center Vista 64bit) or simply just getting some grunt work done. It is both a blessing and a curse in that I get exposed to a lot of things but I also end up having to work harder to keep a handle on the work at hand.

Thus I'm helping out on sustained engineering - mostly focused on capacity planning and process refinement. We work really hard to respond to our customer's needs. People joke about the number of patches that Microsoft puts out, and to tell you the truth I've certainly made my own comments. However this is also our way of showing that we are listening and responding to feedback about major product bugs.

We are also using blogs to help with work. If you haven't already, check out Aaron Stebner's blog. He is really stepping up and helping customers on a daily basis - and making a true impact.

In the case of this post I’d like to know if you’re having major problems with Rollup 2.


Let me be clear that I’m interested in something that was working before install if Rollup 2 that isn’t now. I’m not looking for features you were hoping to see, or something that was broken before the install of Rollup 2 (we’ll deal with that another time).


Oh one other thing before I go. How would you like to give feedback to Microsoft? We’ve been having this discussion a lot at work – and I want to know. Do you like blogs? Newsgroups? Surveys? Something else? Please let me know as I’m very interested in how you’d like to communicate with us.


I’ll be looking in the comments and thanks for your feedback and I'll have another project management post very soon.