Misc Ramblings

Sorry about not posting recently – been distracted by a bunch of stuff. One of the more fun distractions was riding my horse for 100 miles over 2 days on June 2 and 3. We completed looking good despite the fact it was over 100 degrees during the afternoon both days and it was a tough, steep ride.

Sometime over the next week, I'll start documenting the internal design issues around creating sandboxed processes as I promised, and there will be a turbo talk on this at BlackHat – not sure how much of this I can cover in 20 minutes, but it should be fun.

One thing I'd like to get across – I am _not_ product support. Asking me for help with MOICE or anything else won't get you much help. To be honest, I'm not even sure how to open a support incident – I'd end up calling the same support phone number you would. Someone sent me e-mail from the blog asking for help, and a couple of days later, I've discovered there is no fast track into PSS from here – much easier and faster just to call them. In the meantime, unless they gave up on me and called support already, all it did was delay them.

More later -