DeepZoomPix: a new way of experiencing photos

Today, we unveiled an exciting technology demo called DeepZoomPix. It enables you to experience a rich way of interacting with large numbers of high resolution photos. The best part is that you can use your own photos either by direct upload, Facebook or Flickr link, or an image RSS feed.

The reason we built DeepZoomPix is to showcase a number of technologies and concepts:

Great User Experience DeepZoomPix provides a different experience for navigating, viewing and exploring photos, which provides the kind of capabilities you wouldn’t normally expect in a web browser. We used Microsoft Silverlight to create this experience.
Design Technologies Show designers what can be accomplished relatively simply using Silverlight.
Developer Technologies Show developers the power of Silverlight and the Azure Services Platform.

I’ll blog some more about DeepZoomPix later but for now, why don’t you try it? Go to You’ll need a Windows Live ID and Silverlight installed (you’ll be prompted if you don’t have it already installed).