Silverlight Podcasts

After a short break, I’m pleased to offer up the latest Silverlight podcast. This time, the topic is accessibility – what it is, why it is important, how to do it in Silverlight and what the implications are for rich media such as video. It features Sean Hayes who is with Microsoft’s Accessibility Business Unit.

I apologise for the poor audio quality - I’m afraid I screwed up when I placed the microphone in my office (too near a computer fan). I tried what I could to clean it up and there’s a transcript available for download.

As always, there are two versions: Enhanced AAC for iPods (includes pictures) and plain MP3 for everything else. This time, I’m also trying something new and embedding a Silverlight player that should play the podcast directly from this post. The two previous podcasts are also in the embedded player - just scroll down in the player to listen to them.

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